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Annie Walker Armstrong was a lay Southern Baptist denominational leader instrumental in the founding of the Woman's Missionary Union.

The annual Week of Prayer for North American Missions, March 6-13, and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering provide support for missionaries who serve on behalf of Southern Baptists across North America. With a goal of $70 million, this year's offering theme is "Here I am. Send Me." For more information, visit anniearmstrong.com. To read about other 2016 featured missionaries, visit anniearmstrong.com/missionaries-2016


Charlotte Digges "Lottie" Moon


The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is named after Lottie Moon, who was a missionary to China. Lottie Moon was a woman passionate about reaching people for Jesus' name. She served 40 years in China, and while some rejected her, through baked cookies she reached out to and was accepted by many. Lottie Moon did not just live in China, China became her home. She took on the dress and appearance of the Chinese, and was able to identify with the people because of this. She wrote letters home to Southern Baptists urging them to become more involved in missions. Her letters began the pattern of giving to international missions, and with the first offering, three new missionaries left for China. Her life was one dedicated to the furtherance of the Gospel, and through it, many people came to know Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Today the offering is still used to further the Gospel by funding international missionaries.



With these two ladies in history past,

we are reminded of our yearly

Easter and Christmas mission offerings!

     The last Sunday of each month (from Jan-Oct) we usually have a pot luck at the church at 5 P.M., along with some type of entertainment, activity, or form of ministry.  In February of 2016 we were blessed to have Jonathan Beggs come and share his ministry to Uganda.   He is the brother of one of our members, Paula Parks.   Thanks for inviting him Paula!  Below are a few pictures that were taken that evening.     

               LOTTIE   MOON

                 (1840 - 1912)

Lottie Moon, a native of Charlotteville, was appointed by the Sourthern Baptist Foreign Mission Board as a missionary to China in 1873 where she served for forty years.  She died on her trip home in Kobe, Japan, on Christmas Eve, 1912, and her ashes were buried in her brother's plot in the Crewe Cemetery in 1913.  The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is the largest mission offering taken during the year in all Southern Baptist churches.

Sunday, Sept 4, 2016 we were blessed to have "The Friends of Israel" with us.

Jonathan and Linda Craft and their interns truly have a love for the Jewish people.

                                       LOTTIE MOON  2016 CHRISTMAS OFFERING

                                                          DEC 4  -  DEC 11

Love and encourage our missionaries through prayer and giving an offering at this time.