See "Pastor's Welcome" page for a video of Pastor Dan.

Paule Wheeler introducing the church newsletter

Bob Gott telling you about the church sound system.

(This is a 47 second video that took 33 minutes to upload on YouTube.)

In the future we plan to use this page for short videos of only about the length of a minute or so. Because it takes so long to download them to YouTube (and then have their link posted here) it is easier to just keep them on the short and simple side for you.   You can get an idea of this concept by going to the "Links" page of this website and scroll down to the yellow block where some of Pastor Greg Merrill's old videos have been posted for you for that purpose.



A word from Pastor Dan on a subject of his own choosing.

Some of Pastor Dan's sermons.

A message from Pastor Dan on an upcoming event.

A message from Martha Gott concerning our music ministry.

A testimony from one of our people that minister at one of the three "care centers."

A "thank you" from one in the congregation for prayer support.

A word of encouragement from someone in our church for others to visit our services.

A word from Paula/Paule or both on the Bereavement & Caregivers Support Group.

A message from Paula on Outreach.

Someone telling of the different literature our church provides (Bulletin, Directory, ODB,  

                    Requirements of Membership and Service, etc.)

A word on our missionary outreach.

A "one minute" video of how the one in the video became a Christian, how they were saved.

We could have a running series of videos titled "I Just Want to Praise the Lord For..."

      with various people speaking on this subject.

When people get "older" they sometimes think there is nothing they can do for the Lord.

Having read these ideas, you may want to see Pastor Greg, who can record a one minute video of you talking along the lines of one of these possible videos.  If you have the capability, and know how to make and download your own video to Youtube, email Pastor Greg the link, and he can upload it to this website.

Perhaps now or in the future something comes to mind that you would like to see a in a

short "one minute" video.    You can submit that to us on the "Message Board" page of this


How we glorify the Lord on this page is only limited to

   the span of our imaginations, and our willingness to speak out for Him.