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      If you want to grow as a believer you must read and study the Word of God.

There are many different ways to read and study the Bible. You don’t have to do just one type of study; however, if you are new to reading or studying the Bible you should probably focus on one at a time. As you get more involved in Bible study you may find that as you are doing one type of study another will naturally grow out of it.


Here some methods you can use.


Just "read" the Bible: Before you can feel comfortable with deep and advanced Bible study methods, you should first start reading your Bible regularly. Read it like you would other books—from cover to cover. Don’t just randomly jump into the pages of the Bible without regard for how it all fits together. You will have an almost impossible time understanding the Book of Hebrews without having a basic knowledge of the Old Testament law. Take time to read the Bible linearly (straight through).

Book Studies: When you become interested in a certain book you can study it in-depth. The best way to start a book study is to find an overview of the book to give you a general idea of the outline and contents of the material. If you have a study Bible these book overviews can be found at the beginning of the book in your Bible.

Chapter Studies: Many chapters in the Bible have great meaning. Some are critical passages to help unlock truths in other chapters of the book, or other books of the Bible. For example, Paul spends a great deal of time explaining how to live a proper Christian life in 1 Corinthians. Yet the principles of love need to be understood so that you can properly apply the concepts found in the rest of the book. You find that when you study the 13th chapter.

Biographical Studies: Studying the life of a person in the Bible can be rewarding and enlightening.  Many Bible characters will show up in only one book; but there are some who span multiple books or are referenced many times in the Scriptures.

Topical Studies: Another fun study is to find a topic and follow it through the Bible. This can be based on a single word or teaching. Again, a good study Bible or concordance will help here. 

          Worship & Celebration.


At Sun City Community Church we believe that Christ centered people worship God and celebrate Him each day. To do so is to acknowledge His greatness and His glory, and is a reminder that we are called to please Him and live life with overcoming joy. Our celebration, our worship, is the emphatic “Yes!” to God as the center of our world and the King who reigns on high. We also believe that God commands us to praise and celebrate together as members of the Body of Christ.


We would love to have your join us this Sunday for a time of celebration and worship.


Pastor Dan