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                                      "One minute" Videos by Pastor Merrill

                                      on Scripture Songs and Various Subjects.

           [Click on the blue (or colored) URL lines below to go to each video.]

I have put together a series of Scripture song video clips below,

not intended to entertain you, but to equip you with the Word in a way easy to memorize. 

The dates are of the day of the recording,

but I have put them in the order they come in the Bible (not the date of recording),

for those that might find this a good order to memorize them all.

I would encourage you to play each video over and over

until you memorize both the melody and the words from Scripture.

 May this be a helpful tool for you to then

take God's Word with you in your memory to call upon it during the day.

If you know how to play the guitar, you can watch my left hand

to learn the chords to these songs.

1-25-12   Pastor Merrill introducing the "One minute" video concept.

                                         After  Scripture Song videos,

                           see the "one minute videos" on various subjects.

 1-24-13  Introducing the scripture songs in following one minute videos. 

1-31-13  Scripture song Ps 27:1,14

1-28-13   Scripture song Ps 118:8,9

2-20-13   Scripture song Pro 3:5,6

1-31-13   Scripture song Isa 41:10

2-1-13     Scripture song 2Co 10:5

2-1-13     Scripture song Phil 4:8,9


                               "One Minute" Videos on Various Subjects 

               The following link is a "teaching" video of Pas. Merrill going over the blackboard

                he used in the Spring of 2013 on Sunday and Wednesday nights, teaching on  

                 eschatology (last things).

6-14-13  Pastor Merrill going over the 66 books of the Bible has shown on the white board.

3-10-12  Pastor Merrill explains how to "risk" praying with someone for a solution to a  

                problem, without fear of God looking bad if He doesn't answer the way you want,

                 or as quick as you want. 

3-1-12      An attempt to define Biblical faith in contrast to presumption.

2-23-12    An illustration to explain water baptism.

2-16-12   The fallacy of using 2Pe 3:8 to say

                   "The creation days of Genesis 1 lasted thousands of years." 

                     See Ps 90:14 to understand this even better.

1-27-12   Our call to pray for one another.

   We have been getting a number of requests from drug rehab organizations and the like to add their link to this page.    As a "spiritual" site, SCCC should take the stand that addiction is not really a disease, nor is it just a psychological disorder, but the foundational problem is spiritual.  Though we have a few drug and alcohol related sites on our webpage, we have been denying these other requests and will not be accepting future requests, as we are not in the business of putting the focus on what solutions people (drug rehab orgs and the like) offer addicts, but on what God offers.