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Since 3-28-19

12 videos showing how to do this WORLD-WIDE DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING MINISTRY.

Place your cursor over the descriptions to the right, then press CTRL + click to follow links.


First video with link          2:17 Min         1 intro video    

Second                               2:56 Min         2 intro vid

Third                                  4:45 Min         3 Record file

Fourth                                2:36 Min         4 email file

Fifth                                   1:13 Min         5 email file 2

Sixth                                  5:29 Min        6 Setting up to send first emails

Seventh                             1:27 Min         7 Email to Kauai

Eighth                               1:25 Min          8 Email to Kentucky

Ninth                                 2:15 Min         9 Multi emails sent

Tenth                                 1:47 Min         9a Big staff

Eleventh                            1:15 Min         9b 5 quick emails

Twelfth                              1:11 Min         9c closing words

If you wuould like me to email you this material in a Microsoft Word format you can edit, contact me at pastormerrill@sbcglobal.net  Also Feel free to comment on Our Facebook Page